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Which Lures Work Best?

The snappy and glib answer is that the lure that catches fish works the best. This is true but stupid because it provides no answer at all.  Whether you are sea fishing or fresh water fishing then the lure which works best is the one which most resembles what the fish are feeding on right now.…

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Rapala Fishing Lures

Buy Esca Lures online at – These are one of the most realistic looking lures you can buy. An ingenious fisherman created the first lures in the 1930s. After observing the habits of fish in the waters of Finland, he realized that big fish eat wounded little fish. He created a lure that wiggled…

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Hunt For Best Fishing Lures Online

If you are bass fishing for some time now, you might be looking for ways to make your hunt for fishing lures a lot easier and far more convenient. Why don’t you take benefit of the Internet and do your shopping online then? You see, there is a lot of fishing lures providers selling their…

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