Salmon Fishing Tackle

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The angler with his skill is expressed on the tip of the line. Some are good in presenting the bait, fine tuned jiggling and mooching. Others are good in choosing appropriate decoys, lure, color and scent combination that is irresistible to a certain fish. Other’s smell the fishes a hundred yards distant, paying even the minutest details in underwater growth and crevices.

The salmon angler is expressed with his salmon fishing tackle. Not just any tackles, it must be intended for the specific game. A stout graphite construction rod will be too stiff for the soft jiggling intended for the river trout, and the fly tackle intended for blue water fishes might be too stiff for the soft and deft touch intended for the Chinook.

So get your salmon fishing tackle. Remember, salmons require specific salmon fishing tackles to trick them into biting. Not an all around tackle for every situation but a salmon fishing tackle optimal for a specific fishing art.

Here are some good ideas for any salmon fishing tackles.

Fly Fishing Tackles

While landing a tarpon on a fly requires above human skill and dexterity, landing a Chinook on a fly CAN be done. In fact it has been done a countless time. Use a double handed rod is the best and it should have a relatively long rod around 10 feet. And this rod should have ample power especially in the butt section to effectively handle even a 10 pound freaking Chinook. Compensate choosing your salmon fishing tackle with your strength, or you may risk losing lifting strength. Remember, the longer the rod, the heavier will it be on landing a salmon.

The Airflo SLS Fly Rod Special at GFS: is a mean 10ft fly rod that should be swift enough to deliver the snag but robust to handle a King salmon on the line, provided the line won’t snap.

The Winston LT Fly Rod is also one salmon fishing tackle that comes highly recommended. Soft tips are so essential for deft handling and Winston LT Fly Rod is prevalent with them. Care to take a look? It’s available at:

Salmons are among the fish species that have remarkably sensitive sense of smell, so throwing them just about anything won’t work at all. Use a strong smelling cured salmon roe is one of the best baiting technique. Since salmon roe can be quite a rare find, you can substitute them with smelt or minnows.

Buy the Award Winning ‘Esca Lures’ online at – Google SearchBest Bass Bait-Rig of the 2008 Season

Okay, this year I am going to combine both the rig and the bait for the best bait and rig combo. This season I crown Mizmo Scorpion/Picasso Shakedown as the best bait-rig of the 2008 season.

The combo Mizmo Scorpion/Picasso Shakedown shaky jig head was responsible for the most Bass caught in the 08 Bass season. The shaky rig incorporating the Scorpion was lethal. It was a great season for Smallmouth Bass numbers, as a matter of fact, because of this bait and rig combo, it has been one of the best to date!

‘Easy’ is this shaky rig combo’s middle name. Cast it out there, let it fall to the bottom and let it sit for a bit. With the rod tip at about eleven o’clock start shaking the Scorpion. Now, while quivering the rod, slowly work it back to you then reel in the slack line. You cannot over shake as far as I and the Bass are concerned. It’s a simple tactic for a simple combo.

When I first saw the Mizmo Scorpion I quickly envisioned it on my Picasso Shakedown jig head and it was Bass magic right off the bat. The scorpions slender shape and paddle tail make it appetizing for the Bass and by making it quiver while its sitting on bottom it becomes a ‘no brainer’ and the Smallmouth just have to take it.

When choosing the Bait of the year I put a lot of thought into it. Many good traits have to come to mind for it to be a winner. Consistency is a strong advantage of this combo as well as durability and long lasting characteristics. During cold fronts it performed well too bringing the most important trait to mind and that is confidence! I had so much confidence in the Scorpion Shakedown combo that if a cast came in empty handed I was convinced there wasn’t any Bass in the vicinity! That’s scary!

I have to consider the fact that it brought in not only quantity, but quality Bass overall. By using the shaky rig combo of the Mizmo Scorpion and Picasso Shakedown jig head it is inevitable that in this coming year Bass will also fall victim to its ‘allure.’

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