Carp Fishing Tips

Tip 1

One of the best carp fishing tips I think I can give when it comes to carp fishing is to learn as much as you possibly can about carp, this may sound obvious but you would be surprised how may Carp anglers are not clued up on the fish they are actually fishing for. Carp are probably one of the most suspicious fish you will every try to catch, by this I mean they are creatures of habit it doesn’t take much to spook them out of there normal routine, it can be as simple as a sound out of the ordinary. Make sure you explore the waters you are about to fish on weather that be Club waters, Day ticket water, Syndicate waters or open rivers, you tend to find Carp will feed in the same place somewhere they feel confident.

Tip 2

One of the most important carp fishing tips is knowing what bait to use, there are many different theories on the best bait to use for carp fishing, none of which is right or wrong, one of the best ways to find out is to walk the place you are fishing and ask other angle , I don’t mean pester people but you will pick up tips and tricks from local anglers that have fished the waters before. If you are fishing a water regularly try creating a place of feeding, by this I mean create a place where the Carp know they can get food constantly and confidently, I hear one of the best food to do this with is creamed corn they apparently can’t resist the smell and will be literally ready for the catching.

Tip 3

My third and final carp fishing tip is get the right tackle, being prepared with the right tackle is of the utmost importance when Carp fishing, Carp can be big and challenging fish to catch, and having the wrong tackle can make this job frustrating, so if you are serious about Carp fishing spend a bit of money on your kit, I’m not saying you have to spend a fortune but cheap tackle won’t last and end up making the sport un-enjoyable, you can pick up mid range rods and reels for around 70 Pounds that will last you years.

James Watkins
Carp Fishing Tips
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